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Full Version: 300 custom build
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Ok so this has been a work in progress but now it is cycling and I have my lights on and hoping to have fish in by weeks end. I’ll have the canopy door and side panels installed in a day or so[Image: 5d5a43475d645e20b89f464c0d5201bf.jpg]
[Image: 46408a4ef2fb8df4e18c623001c65ca6.jpg]
[Image: d02ba5d44c7a4eaca89c503f289b4630.jpg]
[Image: ae42ec03e89781ae59cfa2aecab4324f.jpg]
[Image: c1deb20a98ad73629877906c3af2ada0.jpg]
[Image: 683ec69b888784a1b0a9e2f82d1edaad.jpg]

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