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Full Version: Hammer / Euphyllia Coral I'd like to get rid of
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Hi all,

I have extra hammer coral that I'd like to get rid of for free.  I'm not sure what forum to post this in.
I'm in southern NH (Amherst).  If anyone lives in the area and wants to take some let me know.

Tim O.
[Image: IMG-2378.jpg]
Damn I wish you were closer to me I’d love to have it

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This site doesn't seem to get any attention anymore so I don't stop in often but.... If you still have some I would be interested in connecting.


Yes, I still have lots left.

(01-28-2022, 08:00 AM)tjorourke Wrote: [ -> ]Matt,

Yes, I still have lots left.


I am going down to the frag swap in CT on Saturday and will be coming back through southern New Hampshire late afternoon/evening.  Would that time work to stop by?  Feel free to give me a ring or text.  Phone number PM'd