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Full Version: dragon wrasse
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my mom picked this up the other day thinking it would be a nice fish for my reef tank. all he has done is rip my tank apart in the last few days and killed some hermits. hes not agressive to my other fish tho. is there some one who would like to have him who has a fowlr tank?
they are great hunters. they move rocks looking for bristle worms mostly.
i looked it up and found out there not reef safe but there not gana eat the corals. there also known as rock movers and get to be a foot long. as of right now ive had to upright half my corals from him throwing them off the rocks and some were glued down
ok this fish is now a huge head ack. i have now lost 4 sps corals because he baried them and i couldnt find them for a day or so. im alway uprighting corals and glueing them down dose nothing. hes going back asap or selling for 25. got him for 35
:'( sorry to hear that but your loss is my gain.I Ialways say" learn from others mistakes". I was having Jay hold me a Dragon wrasse  and now I will call and cancel that order. Thank You for your despair.  Wink I am battling a rose urchin that keeps eating my dragons breathe and red fern. I want to take him out and use him as a wiffle ball and hit him a home run. But I like him. :Smile

so hes gana go to the 30 breeder FOWLR tank at my moms work
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