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Full Version: Scooter Blenny rescue
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I was in Petco the other day and I saw a too scrawny scooter blenny on sale and I thought that I give a shot at trying to save him but I'm failing miserably.  I've tried  Ocean Nutrition Formula 1, mysis, blood worms, assorted flakes crumbs. Looked for CyclopEeze but could find any.  I've got a 30 gal cube with about 30lbs of rock but I've just added a new inch or so of sand so my copepod count is on the low side in the substrate.  So I was wondering if anyone had other ideas or if someone with a bigger/established tank would be interested in taking the fish. 
hey, im not sure what else you could do. but i have  a 90 gal with a ref. my pod population is good. if all else fails i would take them. let me know if it becomes necasary.  poor lil guys.  Sadnice of you too try though. Smile
Just to follow up on this thread, the scooter blenny has started to plump up a bit so he's apparently finding enough to eat in my tank for the time being.  I've never seen him eat any of the food that I've put in though.

Wiz, thanks for offering to take him.
FYI petco in Nashua will order copods for you. I am sure if you Goto a petco in your area and ask the aquatics department to order you copods they will. Drfostersmith.com aquatics has them too, just shipping is expensive. My mandarin goby only lasted about 6 months on mine and started getting skinny and then swam into my anemone. Then I found copods to buy! Good luck!

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Thanks for the head ups Suzanne.  I'll give them a call.  He's keeps putting on weight and I may throw some more rock in there soon.