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Full Version: Lots of good gear. selling asap!
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Buy it all for $200 and i will throw in two frags (something easy to frag from my display)

I am looking to move this stuff quickly. Looking for $200 obo

you will get:

Glass 20 gallon Long Tank

Nice metal Stand for 20 Long

Acrylic 20 Long Tank

Koralia Nano Pump

Eshopps Skimmer w/pump


Two T5 bulb Fixture

Standard 30" All Glass Florescent Light

150w Fluval Heater

15-20LB of Live sand

10-15 Gallons of cycled salt water

$200 obo..

All the live stock is gone from the setup tank. its currently running with just the water and sand
[Image: IMG_20110922_165055.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20110808_202303.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20110808_202320.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20110808_202333.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20110808_202344.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20110808_202407.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20110808_202414.jpg]

Updated today. Looking for a quick and easy sale.
OFFER UP!  would take no less than $150 for the whole lot!
all sold. Putting up the next batch of gear in a new thread!