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Full Version: low-tech planted tank project
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Well we just added 6 neon tetras to the tank, and the angel fish swallowed one of them whole right away, so looks like their gonna be gone soon, lol Luckily they were only $1 each at petco.

The tank is doing great other then that and were doing its 1st water change today

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Tank looks great Jason!  Sorry to hear about the Neon.  BTW, good to see you guys today! Smile
Thank you. Good to see you too. Lesson learned on the neons and angel, lol we were warned in the past. I'm thinking of adding a small school of mollies so the angel can have free live food on a regular basis.

We should be good on salt for 10 months or so now  Smile
For low tech planted tanks, look into the Walstad method.

Basically, dirt substrate, with a cap (sand or gravel)
Low light, often T5NO are used. T5HO for deeper tanks.
Low light fast growing plants, a lot of them.
Low flow, simply a power head works.
Feed liberally, and do water changes as needed, very little maintenance. I am trying this method and fooling around with it. I am no expert on this, I hope to be in the future. But I have been doing my research on it recently. I bought a book by Walstad as the author recently. Waiting for it to arrive.

Many people I have seen online do the soil based substrate with a cap and their tanks are beautiful.
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