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So, i dont no if anyone remembers the issue i had with my yellowwatchman gobie? Anyways my gobie was really small and he kept going down my overflow and into my sump. I kept catching him and putting him back in the display but he would just go right back down. the last time i couldnt find him anywhere. i took everything out of the sump, rearanged my LR and he was gone.
  The other day I decided that having my sump be a fuge type design was not clean/organized looking enough for me so I broke down my sump for a revamp.
I took out my skimmer, pumps, mangroves, everything. then i noticed what looked like a small ant hill. I couldnt beleve it, The gobie stayed alive in the sump under the crushed coral. He survived atleast 5 months with only scraps of food that went down there and with little lighting.
  I am SOOOO happy. he is actually fat, he is more than twice as big now and is doing great in the display.
thats some sick news. i my self just got a yellow watchmen goby and i was looking for him today and found him stuffing his small face with sand. then he was out swimming about an hour later nice and fat. i think hes gana grow nicely.
thats funny. Its crazy how adaptive things can be in these systems.
Glad you found him  Smile I've learned not to give up hope on a smaller fish for up to a year. We went almost 6 months without seeing our YWG and tiger pistol shrimp. Then one day out of the blue they appeared and have been in view ever since. We also have a randals goby, which was around 1/2 and inch when we bought him. We put him in the tank and never saw him again. Then 6 months later I see it alive and twice as big. Since then I've only seen it one or 2 other times and it always looks healthy and bigger