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Full Version: Official January Contest!!!
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Here is how this will work. This month will be an introduction to how contests will work here on the forum.  Our first couple months I will probably keep these contests open to anyone on the forum.. not just supporting members

We would like our generous sponsors to get the best exposure for their money.. so our contests will be scavenger hunts in which you will have to look all over the vendors site to find where i took the image from.. tell me what information i have requested of you....

For Example.

Sponsor- www.cultivatedreef.com

1.[Image: a1.jpg]
Link to product:
Price of Product:

.. so to find this item you would search on www.cultivatedreef.com and find where i took that piece of a picture from  and you would find that the coral is a frag of Superman Montipora Danae

so you would answer:

Link to Product: http://cultivatedreef.com/crs-superman-m...-p-79.html
Name of Product: Superman Montipora danae
Price of Product: $45

Many forums do photo contests... which are all well and good.. but not everyone is a photographer or has the means to take amazing photos.. so it really leaves some people out of the fun. Anyone up for the challenge can play our contests!

One Rule thus far.f..or fairness.- You cannot win two months in a row.

I am going to lock this topic,so you cant reply until wed night at 9pm (should give most people a chance to be home or at a computer .. this will help keep it fair. First person to post all of the correct answers after i unlock the topic wins.

This months Prize is a $10 gift certificate to the vendor of your choice from the ones involved in this game.  You will also be bumped up to a free years subscription of being a supporting member. ($10 value)

Vendor: www.cultivatedreef.com

1. [Image: a2.jpg]
    Product link:

2.[Image: a3.jpg]
    Product Link

Vendor: www.airwaterice.com

3. [Image: b2.jpg]
    Product link:

4.[Image: b1.jpg]
    Product Price:
    Product Link:

Vendor Name www.genesisreefstystems.com

5.[Image: c2.jpg]

Product Price:
Product Link:

6.[Image: c1.jpg]

Product Price:
Product Link:

Ps. when we are in full swing  the monthly scavenger hunts will only be for one vendor at a time.. this month is a crash course on how to play Smile

Rememeber you can find your answers anytime.. but you will not be able to post your answers until Wed, January 5th at 9pm eastern. So be ready to post it up.

its getting closer!!! 24 hours!!
I got super busy last night and this totally slipped my mind.. will be opening this contest thread tonight at 9pm. sorry all!
unlocking.... Sorry it's a little late.. Been super busy lately Smile

have at it!  First person to post all the correct answers gets the year membership and 10 bux to any of the sponsors Smile
no one?
I'll give it a try tonight, haven't had a chance to sit down for more then a minute these last few days, lol
1. Can't find anywhere

2. Link to product http://cultivatedreef.com/christmas-favi...-p-65.html
price $24
name Christmas favia coral- favia sp

3. link to product http://www.airwaterice.com/product/DM-1_...nitor.html
price $29.95
dual inline tds meter  we have 1 of these Smile

4. http://www.airwaterice.com/product/1TYPH...5-GPD.html
Typhoon 5 5 stage ro/di  we have this too

5. http://www.genesisreefsystems.com/prodde...-000155-02
Advanced Automatic Waterchange system

6 http://www.genesisreefsystems.com/products.php?cat=11
I'll try #1 again

1. http://cultivatedreef.com/pink-polyp-acr...p-181.html
Pink polyp acropora
we have a winner Smile  who do you want the 10 towards?
Air water ice, its time to change our prefilters
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