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Full Version: Lawnmower on the blink
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Had my blenny about 2 weeks - thought he would be happy with all my long hair algae - but - not so much!  He ate what was on the glass but doesn't go near whats on my fake plants - which is where most of it is.  He's looking kinda lean now.  Tried some kind of wafer with algae in the middle part and I forget what on the outside - nope!  Last night I got some dried algea sheets (green) that has some garlic extract in it and stuck it in on a clip - no nibbles as of this morning.  He is otherwise fitting in well with my clowns and sometimes hangs with my fire shrimp (Bubba Gump)  so psychologically he's well adjusted (somebody has to be).  I thought for awhile that maybe he was just a shy eater but I'm pretty sure he used to be more 3D - any ideas for getting him interested?
blennies usually just pick at micro algae at the rocks. i've never seen mine or any of the ones i've had in the past eat plants or hair algae..  They usually just graze on the rocks. I would imagine he'll be fine.
My experience has been the same as Tiny's and Plankton's.  Mine will scrape my glass as well...if I haven't cleaned it in a couple of days.  But it'll also eat food that I put into the tank such as blood worms, frozen brine shrimp, as well as flake and pellets.  He is also a fan of pieces of nori that is used to make sushi.  I roll a small piece into a tube and cable tie it to a small piece of rubble and drop it to the bottom of the tank.  Putting a piece of fishing line on it before dropping it in makes retrieval easy.  His belly is usually nice and round so he looks a little  like Jabba, but his name is Fish Stick since he bites when I put my arm into the tank.
Thanks Seascoper - I thought the dude was completely vegan.  Doesn't go near the brine or mysis - maybe I'll try the bloodworms.  Think my clowns would like bloodworms?  I wish my Waldo was fat like Jabba. 

Tiny - hoping to make the swap this Sunday - we'll see!
Good news on the blenny: he's getting fat!  When I first started up with my two clowns I was feeding once a day.  I read somewhere that twice a day was a lot better so I started doing that.  The clowns really didn't show much enthusiasm at the morning feeding: I would turn the light on about 1/2 hour before I fed them - anyway......  First week in December we went away (Aruba!).  To make it simple I asked the people taking care of the cats to feed the fish once a day.  Well, when we got back; the first time I fed them (brine shrimp and blood worms) the blenny came flying out of nowhere and started woofing down everything in sight and the clowns are more active eaters too.  I don't know if it is that food is only available once a day or they sense the competition from the blenny.  Anyway - everyone seems to be thriving.  The blenny is much less shy - even lets my fire shrimp clean him.  The blenny's name is waldo as in "where's Waldo?" because we always had to look really hard to find him - not anymore!  Oh - also just prior to vacation I got my powerhead in and I think that has also had a real effect on the general good vibe
awesome, glad to hear it
That's great. 
Did you do any diving or snorkeling in Aruba?  I've had some of my best dives there.