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Full Version: DYI LED for planted fresh tank?
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I am using 8 cool white GU10s that Chris built for me on a 18 high planted tank and it looks sweet! Thanks again Chris!
np Smile  have a picture of it on the tank? I'd love to have one for my little hood building portfolio Smile
Chris not sure how to take picks with the phone your welcome to stop by and show me or take them yourself let me know
might be able to do that Smile
Chris got my phone figured out I will take pics tonight and send them to you ok thanks!
If you want to keep it cheep just build the hood using CFL bulbs in the 6500k range. Just buy a cheep vanity light from lowes, usually around $10 then take it apart and use the wiring system. I have done this multiple times on hoods for freshwater tanks with not problems. I am currently using this setup on my salt tank as well.
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