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Full Version: what fish?
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I am thinking I need a few fish to add to my 180.  personally I like the corals and just a couple fish but most ppl like to look at fish in a fish tank! lol 
I want a few totally reef safe peaceful fish, meaning coral and invert safe. I really dont want any "common fish" like chromis or damsels .........  but also dont want anything that will break the bank

the only thing I know I am adding to the tank will be a yellow assessor.  what are your thoughts?

          fish I have
half black mimic tang
blizzard clown paired with a misbar clown (picasso parents)
helfrichi firefish
starry blenny
blue mandarin
How about a foxface rabbitfish? Ours adds tons of personality to the tank and loves just about every type of bad algae. Only downside i've seen so far is they have venoumous spines so you just gotta be extra careful in the tank.

Ive never had him touch coral, nor have i know anyone who has had them eat coral

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I think a harem of anthias or flasher wrasses would look good. Some of my faves would be the Mckoskers flasher wrasse, 1 male and 3 females that way he will constantly "flash" for the ladies. And as far as anthias the squarebacks are a nice larger anthias with the male being a pretty bright pink and females a nice yellowish/orange or a harem of Pseudanthias cheirospilos makes a nice display and they are typically pretty cheap. Again just one male and multiple females makes a stunning addition to any larger reef
i've always been partial to the redbar anthias or the ventralis.  all good suggestions!
ok I dont like foxface it may have been a 1 in a million chance but I had one kill my 10" lion! so no more for me

wrasses have always been a pain they bury themselves under corals and eat snails, hermits......

I have an anthias now but he wont be going in the 180 he is a pain and ate all my hermits
I would say some angel fish or some tangs. I want to find another convict tang for my tank
I was looking at a couple angels  I like the swallow tail allot  maybe if I can find a pair
I would check jays or see if aquatic creations can get one in for you
jays had a female a few weeks ago  but couldnt catch her out of the acan tank.

well I have decided to go with small fish

I added a black clown goby and 3 sharknose gobies I plan on a few more

I am looking at adding a shoal of orange stripe cardinals

and a bunch of small fish I need to fill a 180 ideas would be great