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Full Version: setting up a 5.5 g nano
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I have a yellow clown goby and a six line wrasse. I am going to go with corals after a little while but I was thinging of another active addition to my tank that wont pester the other fish or eat all the future corals. Any ideas?


in a 5.5g?!!  Six line won't live that long in such cramped quarters..the clown goby & a clownfish would still b cruel...imo a clown goby is all that belongs in 5g of water..thats like living in a closet for us! Do wat you will but a tank that small isn't really meant for fish enjoyment..more of a tiny frag/quarantine tank.
couple shrimp gobies? neon gobies?  a firefish

Nate I had a pair of percs in the 5.5 and they did great Smile          Fish and corals are highly adaptive.. they'll be just fine Smile        any sized tank is cruel compared to the ccean.  Clown gobies usually dont travel too far in the reef anyways.. they just chill in one spot.. and as long as the six line gets enough food you should be fine with him.  My parents had a 6 line in a 8 gallon biocube for 3 years.. he did great.. they also had a lawnmower blenny and a firefish in there too Smile
lol this was the 5.5 before the heat wave killed the sps off

[Image: 5036692452_9c4dd0930b_z.jpg]


I can see that working for a limited time..even for 2 lowns this is small after any amount of time.  Just my opinion I guess. Let me know how the fish are in a year..fish can't grow in cramped quarters...as before it's like living in ur closet..doesnt sound fun to me.
I with nl1landscaping.  I wouldnt put any fish in a 5 gallon, but the clown goby will be ok for a while, but it shouldnt be his permanent home.  Get that 6line out soon.  They are very active fish and really need a ton of swiming room to be happy. Most recomend a 3 foot tank minimum for them
Shoot,  i think our 75 gallon is too small for our 5 inch foxface,  but its not due to his size,  its because of his activity level.  He moves around a lot. Once we get out of our apartment hes getting a 6 or 7 foot tank

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i think catalina gobies are really cool and small enough.
This is a nice idea, tell how it goes, I was thinking of giving my niece a 5 gallon tank to take care of with simple fish.